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We are a Software Boutique specialized in merging engineering & design focusing in user experience.

We develop both website & mobile apps.

Idea Modeler
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It's the first and probably the most important phase of the process. Meeting the team, knowing each other and deeply understanding your business or idea are the keys to success!

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we take your initial concept and merge it with everything Braintly's team knows about technology, startups and what would work best. We turn ideas into amazing products.

Once we are all on the same page, we can get the ball rolling! :)

Design & User Experience

Users rule!, know the user, your are not the user.

The solid design behind Braintly's team will help you discover and understand what you really need.

Our design team is united by its passion for amazing design and high-usability apps.

When it comes to first impressions, it’s all about design. The look and feel set the tone for everything else. Our team is deeply experienced and well-trained: Each designer balances illustrative creativity with a deep understanding of app layout.

Coding the magic!

It's not just about writing good code. The very first step in developing is figuring out the architecture, the foundations of the project!

When it’s time to start the development, we assign a specialist with the required skills to achieve the best results.

Our agile-based development methodology runs in sprints that result in a new incremental build at the end of each fortnight, allowing you to regularly review and assess the software we’re building.

You will be part of the development process working hand-in-hand with the team. This means there won't be any unpleasant surprises at the end of the road.

Getting the party started!

Once the application is ready, we deploy it into the server and your website goes live! This is the moment you've been looking forward to.

But, is not time for a nap. You have to keep developing your product.

We provide maintenance packages that cover everything from the occasional checkup all the way up to ongoing feature expansions and whole new versions.

Idea Modeler
Design It
Launch Party

Audience Understanding

The first step for a great app, is understanding your targeted audience. Knowing your users is a must in order to define the kind of technology your project needs.

Not only we work with Android and iOS native applications, but also with hybrid technologies like PhoneGap using Ionic framework and AngularJS.

This is an important decision. It will define the scalability of your app.

Design & Mockups

Once the decision has been made it's time to let the fun begin! :)

Our design team starts doing mockups of the app in order to understand your ideas and needs. This is the perfect moment for making key decisions and understanding how the application flow will be.

Our mobile team knows how to create a mobile app in order to deliver users an amazing experience!


Our mobile experts team develops your app using the latest technologies available and the architecture defined with our CTO.

We also work with agile-based methodologies so you will be part of the entire cycle. We set two-weeks sprints in order to let you know how the project is going and get your feedback ASAP.

Rocket launch!

Once the app is ready for the public, we launch it to the store and your app goes live.

Mobile market moves faster than any other. Once your app is in the market you will receive user-feedback from all around the world so you will really want to start improving and adding new features to your app.

We offer maintenance packages that cover everything from the occasional checkup all the way up to ongoing feature expansions and whole new versions.


Roger Einstoss

Roger Einstoss

Co-founder & CEO

Roger Einstoss
Facu Gandini

Facu Gandini

Co-founder & Biz Dev

Facu Gandini
Eze Falduto

Eze Falduto

Co-founder & CTO

Eze Falduto

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